Epic VIII introduced new Arenas to Rappelz in which you can fight other players in Teams. There are different arenas and match sizes available to fit your needs. In total there are 3 different arenas and for each arena there are 4 different match sizes (excluding the Bingo Arena; which has 3). That means you have 11 different zones to fight for fame and honor. While fighting other players in the arenas you will also get Arena Points (AP). Arena Points are a new currency which are used to purchase fantastic items like armor sets and creature cards from the arena merchants.



On your interface, right above the Menu-Button, you can find the Arena-Button. Click it to show all available options.

















When you are in the arena you will see a new window: the match window. The match window shows you plenty of information about the current match. Such as match name, your team's points, your enemy team's points and much more. The match window also allows you to see the current ranking of the match and allows you to check the status of the saint stones in the bingo arena.











In total there are 3 different kinds of arenas: Classic, Slaughter and Bingo. Each one of them has a different gameplay.
 Also there are 4 different match sizes: 2 vs 2, 4 vs 4, 8 vs 8 and 16 vs 16. Each match size needs a minimum of players to start the match. To bring victory to your team you have to reach 100 team points. The first team to reach 100 team points wins.




In the classic arena the only goal for victory is to eliminate your enemies. Kill everyone that is not on your team. The team who killed the most enemies wins!




Depending on the match size the arena changes its appearance:












The slaughter arena is similar to the classic arena. With the exception of one thing: you can conquer a specific place to get even more AP. In slaughter you have to conquer the stake on which the witch Lamia was burnt. If you hold the stake, you get double the AP if you kill your enemies. But beware! If you come too close to the stake, other players will surely attack you!

























Depending on the match size the slaughter arena changes its appearance:






The bingo arena is totally different from the other arenas. Depending on the match size there will be up to 9 saint stones on the match field. The goal is to activate those stones and get 3 of your team's color in a row. Sounds easy? Well, the other team can still kill you and change the color of the stones again. You better come up with a good strategy if you want to win in the bingo arena!






The bingo arena is the only arena that can not be entered in 2 vs 2 mode and the only arena that does not change its actual field size. Instead more saint stones will be spawned:























If you participate in an arena match you can gain Arena Points (AP). AP can be used to purchase great items from arena merchants. You can get AP in more than one way - but either way: you have to participate in an arena match to get them!


You gain 3 AP if you kill an enemy player, your team gets 2 team points . If you conquer the stake (Slaughter Arena) or if you activate the saint stones (Bingo Arena), you gain 4 AP, but your team gets no team points. Next to this each team gains a fixed amount of AP depending on how the match result will be. If all players of one team leave the match before it ends, nobody gets AP. If the minimum time of a match hasn't been reached, nobody gets AP. The minimum times are as follows:





If you leave a match before it has ended you will receive a punishment. Punished players are not able to join another match for a specific time. The more ofen you leave a match before it has ended, the higher the punishment will be. 


If a player is AFK for a longer period of time you can report him by using the report button in the match window.


There is no escape! You have to fight!

Fast entry: Let's you join an existing Match.


Select entry: Let's you create your own match. You can choose the arena you want to fight in and the match size.


Practice entry: Let's you fight for fun without getting any Arena Points (AP). You should practice before you enter the lion's den!



2 vs 2

4 vs 4

8 vs 8

16 vs 16





2 vs 2


5 min

4 vs 4

8 min

8 vs 8

8 min

16 vs 16

10 min

PvP System


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