Death Match

An archipelago bursting with magical energy has been discovered in the tropics! The islands are surrounded by oceanic mountains to ward off invaders, but we have finally unlocked the gateway and adventurers can now teleport there from anywhere!


Strange stones litter the islands, filled with an otherworldly cold that the sun cannot heat. This alien energy protects the souls of the island's denizens, granting instant resurrection to any who fall in battle.




















Even the plants on the islands have been affected by this magical energy. All outside magical effects are dispelled when setting foot upon the islands, but the plants offer their own unique benefits. Merely touching the native flora can heal wounds or bolster one's natural abilities.


The magic that has been discovered on these islands is extremely potent and it foreshadows a massive bloodbath for control!


The Death Match area can be entered through the user interface, and there will be two channels available to each player. One of these channels is the "Free Channel" which allows players of any level to enter. The other channel that players may use is the "Normal Channel". Players using the Normal Channel will be automatically separated based on their rank, and they will only be able to enter their corresponding Rank Channel!

PvP System

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