PK Morality

Tired of killing monsters and hitting scarecrows? Want to try a different experience? The PK (Player Killing) mode is what you really need.

Activating PK mode is simple. You just need to type in chat /PKON or clicking on the icon.



A countdown from 10 will start until the PK mode is activated.

Note that in Gaia there are some safe areas where the PK mode cannot be activated.

These areas are considered safe and are: Cities, Trainee Island and the Flea Market.









Once the PK mode is activated an icon will appear next to the name of your character.
To remove the PK mode you just have to type /PKOFF in chat. The PK mode will disable after 30 sec. countdown






Player Killing can be funny but brings a lot of dab consequences to players who abuse it.

Wrath is a debuff you get when you reach a certain amount of Immorality Points or IP (see below).


There are 3 levels of Wrath, depending on the number of your IPs.


Level 3 Wrath will debuff your character for 8 hours, so think before killing someone else.


Note that the time you have to spend with the wrath debuff doesn’t end when you disable the PK mode.




 PK is strictly related to Immorality System.

When starting the game, you begin with 0 Immorality points. These points can either grow or shrink. Immorality points are the one you gain from turning on PK mode or killing someone while this mode is activated. Each time you turn on PK you gain some Immorality Points. PKing another Player will give you varying IP depending on his/her level.


You can check the status of your Immorality Points by clicking on “Additional Information” in the character Stats window.


Each square in the bar represents a certain amount of points.


Killing a player more than 10 levels lower than you will give you a large amount of Immorality Points.


Note that if both players have the PK mode on, none of them is granted Immorality Points for killing each other.















The Altar of the Goddess is a statue where you can donate items and rupees.

You will be able in this way to remove Immorality points and gain Morality Points (MP).

When you will reach a certain amount of MP, you can trade them for a reward and participate in a Ranking System
































When you collect enough Morality points, you can spend them on one of 4 different boxes.

The boxes can be opened and a random prize will be picked.

The more expensive box is, the more valuable prize you may get.




The players who reach a high number Morality Points are entitled to enter the Ranking System where they compete for a prize.

Players compete each other to see who donates the most items and Rupees.

The top 10 players will be rewarded with the temporary decorative wings The ranking restarts every month.

Red name is something that happens when your character turns bad (has lots of Immorality Points). The colour of your name is changed to red… “Nice” you may think! Well, it is not only this…


The Red name means that everyone can attack you now without switching on their PK mode anywhere in the world (with exception of the safe zones).


If you die with the red name on, you lose more experience than you would lose normally.


With the Red name on, you get also less experience from the monsters killed.


In order to get rid of the Red name, you need to decrease your Immorality as much as you can, to do so you can:

-Use the Special Soap sold in the Guild of Merchants ;

-Kill monsters the same or higher level than you are.

-Donate to the Altar (see below)

PvP System

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