How To Tame

Pet system is indeed the core of the Rappelz experience. Choose a trustworthy companion is fundamental, sometimes even more than the proper weapon or armor. Just like the characters, creatures have their skill and functionalities and contribute on gathering experience for you and for themselves. Pets have multiple forms, evolutions and stages. Each evolution has a distinct appearance and offers new abilities to the pets. Besides, enhanced pets (link) offers stronger creatures with more skills and improved skin.


After some travels on the Trainee Island you will arrive in the camp, where you’ll be able to get in touch with the NPC Evoker Rudimyu.


She will request you to fulfil some tasks and after that she will give you as reward one basic creature card: Pantera, Tortus or Poultry.



 Basic Creature Card : 



Most important thing she will provide you a tutorial on how to tame a creature. Study it and you will master this art in a minute!



Now you should have everything ready to tame your first pet.

Let’s make a small recap. As said you will need to have the proper skill in order to tame a creature and In particular:


Creature Taming :                                     Creature Control :                                        Summon Creature :                                     Recall Creature :  



With the skills set and the empty creature card in the inventory you are ready to get you first creature.

Almost every single creature in the game is tameable and the Trainee Island is the perfect place to visit if you want to master this art.

Once you’ve found the creature you want you just have to target it and use the skill “Creature Taming”. Your character will now start the process. There’s nothing more you can do now.




When the skill bar will be full, the creature will be under the charm. A message will appear in the chat as shown below




Once under the charm, you will have to kill her to end the taming process. At this moment, you will know the result of the taming.


If the taming will fail you will see your card disappear from the inventory. No panic, you will be able to buy another one from a Merchant NPC located in the main square of the Trainee Island and try again.


If you’ll manage to tame a creature, instead, you will acquire a beloved companion that will be with you and will help you in your adventures.




It’s now time to summon your creature.

First of all you will have to have the “Creature Control” skill.

You can now open your formation window through the command Alt+Y.




Now open you inventory, select your tamed card and drag and drop it in the formation window.




Here you meet your creature for the first time.

Now you just have to use the skill “Summon Creature” to get the creature right close to your character.






Now it’s time to start new adventures together where you will help your creature to grow and gain experience and it will help you to reach your main goals.

The Pets

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