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With the introduction of Epic 7: Breath of Darkness has been implemented a new system for combining your creature cards! This section briefly covers some of the amazing features you can explore on combining creatures. Play Rappelz!



























Enchantment Interface as currently displayed in game.



In order to combine creature cards, you must follow certain rules. The two creature cards must be the same creature and can be any level, but they must be tamed. You must combine the two creature cards with a Soul Catalyst. If the combination is successful, you will have a brand new version of that pet at stage 1! Don't forget, its level will be reset to 1, but it will have an increase to all of its stats as well as 8 extra JP! You can then combine two stage 1 creature cards and a soul mixer to try and get a stage 2 version. If you get a creature to stage 3, it will gain a cool new appearance too! You may enchant creature cards up to a maximum of stage 5, if you are really lucky!




If a combination attempt fails, one of the creature cards and the Soul Catalyst are destroyed, leaving you with only one creature card. The creature card placed in the main slot will not be destroyed if the combination fails. The higher the creature's levels are, the higher the chance to succeed the combination!





















As you kill monsters, they may drop their spirit which you can turn in to the Creature Enchanter along with an Artifact Fragment to receive an artifact. Monsters will drop spirits used to create artifacts for that creature type, so if you really need an artifact for your poultry, you can farm poultries for their spirit. Artifacts are specific to the creature type, so if you have finally gotten that artifact for your poultry, you will not be able to use it with your tortus. There are eleven types of artifacts that you can acquire randomly, and each gives a different bonus to your creature.





Enhanced creatures also have access to some new abilities at level 50 and 100, and the maximum level on their Unity skill is increased by 1 each time the creature is enhanced. Some of these new skills are specific to the type of opponent the creature is fighting. For example, a creature may have a passive skill reducing the damage they take from angels, spirits, and human type enemies.


A downside of enhanced creatures is that the creature card will have durability which will drain based on the enhancement level when the creature is killed. The higher the creature's stage is, the faster its durability will drain. If the creature's durability reaches 0, the creature cannot be summoned. However, it is easy to repair creature cards! All you need to do is combine a Soul Catalyst with your creature as well as an empty creature card of the same type, and the combination is guaranteed to succeed and repair your creature's durability. You may purchase Soul Catalysts from the Creature Enchanters located in all of the major cities. A creature's durability is not decreased in the Death Match area and during PVP.







If you own a Joker Card (can be obtained randomly during pet combination process in case of failure) it can help you in combining 2 Pet Cards. The Joker Card works in the following ways:


1) Put the Soul Catalyst in the secondary slot during the enchantment with the second Pet Card and the Joker Card in the Sub-Material slot. The Joker card will boost your chance to obtain a success. The Joker card will be destroyed regardless if the combination succeeds or fails.


2) Level up the Joker and put it in your formation*. Its passive ability will slightly increase (depending by the passive skill level) the chance at combining creatures. 

The Joker will not be destroyed in the process.

*Rectified by developer. Joker ability only works in combination window. 

Combining creatures is a lot of hard work, but there are some great benefits to increasing your creature's stage. Each time you succeed the pet gains additional stats, HP, MP, and a bonus of 8 JP per stage, as well as new skills and a higher skill cap on their unity! Don't forget, however, that combining creatures successfully results in a fresh creature.


As your creature reaches stages 1, 3, and 5, a new equipment slot will be unlocked. At stage 1, your creature will gain a slot for accessories, and at stages 3 and 5 your creature will unlock one slot each for a total of two artifact slots.

A brand new NPC called a Creature Enchanter has been added to each of the towns, and they sell items for creature enhancement for everyone to buy. They also provide information on the creature combining system, and they trade creature spirits and Artifact Fragments for creature artifacts.

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