Navis Lamia


High Priest Emmanuel Raymond was known as a healer of the sick, a generous man who used his divine powers to help others. But Raymond desired power that the Light could not provide. He began to dabble in forbidden magic. He sought control over Life and Death itself.


The crew of the ship Navislamia took him on board, glad to have a High Priest as passenger. But they had not gone far when an unnatural storm besieged them with monstrous force.


The crew turned to Raymond, begging for salvation. Raymond cast a forbidden spell to resurrect the fallen crew, but his magic was twisted. The sailors rose again, but they were no longer human. They were now the walking dead, hungry for flesh.


When the ship was discovered, the Deva and Asura thought that it had been cursed by the legendary Witch. The Deva and Asura saw the horror brought on to it by the curse of the Witch. They sent their soldiers to cleanse the ship, but the hordes of undead were too strong. The soldiers were driven back.


What secrets does the ghost ship hide? How was it cursed by the Witch when she is long dead? What became of Emmanuel Raymond? And who is the mysterious blue-eyed girl? Navis lamia awaits.


From Trainee Camp, exit through the East Gate and follow the path heading north until you reach the sandy coast.


Run throughout the beach (and do it fast if you don’t want to be attacked by the piranhas) leaving Tristan on your left.


On the other end of the beach you’ll find Captain Fedora who’ll give you the quest and a special crystal while on the left, at the end of a wooden pier, you’ll find the cursed ship: be prepared, hordes of zombified sailors are waiting for you there!




15 to 20

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