Hidden in the Marduka Waterfall, Sanctuary has a history totally different from the other dungeons present in Gaia. The Golden Eye tribe was living there hundreds of years before the gods of creation and destruction sent the Asura and the Deva on the continent. They were semi-humans led by Osiris, one of the most powerful creatures of the whole Gaia. The fight for the control of the dungeon was uneven, his opponents were always relegated in the small rooms in the upper part until the next fight. The situation has been the same for centuries until a group of archaeologists finally discovered the sanctuary. Since that day a large number of people is daily visiting Sanctuary, although the dangers that are hidden beneath its walls. 


From Laksy:

Cross the bridge in the south and follow the path east. Walk through the area of Blue Pixies and keep going east. Now pass the Sirene Island by following the offroad-track towards the Templar Headquarter. You will soon see a path to leave the area, in the east; follow it. When you left the mountains behind you, you will soon come to a fork. Turn right and keep going east until you reach a river. If you now look to the right you can see a great waterfall. Beneath it you will find the entrance to Sanctuary.


From Rondo:

Leave Rondo through the eastern gates and follow the road. At the first fork turn left and keep going north-east. You will soon reach another fork, turn right. It won’t take long to reach the next fork, turn left here and walk through the mountains. Now you should watch your step, you are in the Forest of Darkness. To reach Sanctuary you have to cross it. But rest assured, if you follow the road, you should reach Sanctuary alive… When you enter the Forest of Darkness you will find a fork, turn right and follow the path. Don’t forget to keep watching for aggressive monsters. Eventually you will reach another fork, turn left and leave the forest. Follow the path, keep going straight. When you reach the southern Guardian Tower of Marduka, turn right. You will soon see a river, and if you look to the left, you will see a fantastic waterfall. Beneath it you will find the entrance to Sanctuary.























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